Saturday, May 21, 2005

God is God

Yesterday Dess and I bought a TV after going without one for nearly a year. I've been playing some DVD's, including a wonderful Danish film given to us by Dess' mom, Shirley Snyder, entitled "Babette's Feast." One of the hymns in it is so beautiful I had to transcribe it and share it:

Lord, our God
Thy name and glory
Should be sung
Throughout the world
And every soul
Thy humble subjects
And every wayfarer
Shall sing aloud
Thy praises

God is God
Even if all lands be deserts
God is God
Even if all life were ended
If the people should vanish
And you, divine heavens
Will reign over the countless
And play the harp so beautifully

Highest mountain
And deepest vale shall vanish
Heaven and earth as well
Will perish
Each height and peak
Shall be no longer
But the Lord’s glory
Shall rise again
In a thousand hearts


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